New players must start in predicted practice races, after which the league competition court will decide if the competitor is eligible to start in the        league races.

If a player is still not fit to compete after a few practice races, he must prove it in further practice races.


It’s just a game designed to make everyone have fun. Don't ruin your other tournament by causing an accident or implying  alleged or real grievances to your player partner!

Mature behavior is a prerequisite! Treat your comrades as rivals and not as enemies!

This sport includes collisions and accidents. Don’t take it to your heart if you drop out of a race or if you have to finish the race with a broken car!

Only come among us if you can process defeat as well! Victory is also important, but you can have more respect for yourself if you can stand failure with a raised head!

In this sport,victory is not everything! If you skillfully collect points, you can still be a champion if you don’t win a single race don’t forget that!

The most importantthing is patience and respect for your competitors!

Everyone should be able to walk steadily on the tracks, it makes no sense if you are fast, but after 5 laps you slide back and forth.

Knowledge of the tracks is very important, know where to overtake and where not!

The victory depends on who leads in the last round, it doesn't matter who leads in the first!

Since this is an online game, you will always have to reckon with the LAG, which can easily cause an accident, so drive with caution on the track.

If an accident happens, don’t start to get upset, if you think the case is debatable, file a protest!

The dispute between two competitors belongs to nothing but the two parties involved and the competition court! Keep this in mind before you discuss the topic in public!

Do not start background downloads. This will prevent you from getting stuck in your internet connection and not disturb your other races.