If you get involved in an accident with someone, don’t start arguing with them, rather try to clear up the problem. In all cases, a suitable solution can be found.


Lessons can be learned from any accident if they are discussed in the right tone by those involved.









The room will start on the day and time specified in the race calendar.


30 minutes - practice

15 minutes - timer

150 km long distance race




In the Blancpain series scoring system, the top ten finishers can earn points, 

starting from the first finish:



and in other tournaments it is as follows, also in running order:







1/a. In the event that due to the fault of the ISP, at least 1/3 of the number of competitors starting the race (eg at least 5 out of 15 competitors) cannot start the race and / or are disconnected from the server during the race, the race will be        held again automatically. on the agreed day following that tournament.

1/b. If 30% of the cars are seriously damaged or lost in a mass accident at the start of the race, the race will be restarted       and everyone can stand up again for the race. This is always decided by the competition tribunal - if one of the judges is         involved, it will not intervene in the decision.

1/c. There is no restart in case someone misses the start and can't stand on the grid!





2/a. Only try to overtake if you are sure of your business! It's easy to be faster in the wind, but it disappears when you cut out  to overtake!

2/b. If two or three riders are walking side by side, there is no ideal arc! In such cases, everyone must make compromises and  neither competitor can be held solely responsible for the collision.

2/c. Remember that the racer in front of you only sees from the mirror, so try to overtake only if you are absolutely sure of your business.

2/d. If the competitor behind you is trying to overtake you, treat him fairly, don’t lock him in or complicate things. Float before your eyes so that you can both lose your good position due to a faulty maneuver.If you do, you will not look for the fault in the other after the incident, as you are as faulty as he is. In such a case, the competition tribunal is not certain that it will decide     in its favor.

2/e. Don’t change arcs to keep the faster racer up if someone releases you faster! It will surely be such that you will be the fast er of it and resent it if you do not let go.

2/f. If you are overtaken in a bend, try to leave enough space for such an overtaking to be successfully completed. Do not squeeze or squeeze the other one out, as you may not react fast enough and the maneuver will end in an accident. Maybe the race will end for both of you.

2/g. If you slip off the curve and leave the course, try to return to the course carefully, not obstructing the person behind you, or forcing you to use an arc other than the one you are following.

2/h. If you get a time penalty, try to slow down on the track and in a place that doesn’t obstruct the one behind you, don’t force it on another arc.   

2/i. Expect tournaments to take place online so the LAG can happen at any time.

2/j. If you are overtaken, try to behave predictably (avoid duckling) and try to avoid sudden maneuvers.

2/k. If they get out, try to calm down and don’t start fighting with a much better racer than you. You don't have to fight him for your position.

2/l. In races and timekeepers, special attention must be paid to getting out of the pit and, as far as possible, the least possible obstacles to the competitors in the fast lap. Always observe the entrance / exit painting / arch of the pit lane!

2/m. When entering and exiting the pit lane, follow the designated path and try to get to your seat properly. While the program will make your vehicle undamaged in this case, it can be annoying for someone else to “pass” through it. Let's try to act like our car is damaged in the box!

2/n. Racers who are being overtaken are OBLIGATED to let go of the cars they are currently overtaking in the first safe place! All you have to do is take a small amount of gas into the straight line.





If something is hurt, report it to the judges. Since the game did not play replay in an online race, here's how to fix it:


At the end of the race, save your video as your race, (SHARE button) and then cut out the offended section with 10 seconds before and after the event, then share this with the judges.


If you streamed the race on youtube or twitch, all you have to do is provide a link to the video and mark the time when the    incident happened.

It is advisable to save the race for everyone, as there may be a particular case from someone’s car / view in which they are    playing, which can be extra information for the judges. After investigation, though, if you no longer need to save, anyone can delete it from your computer / internet.









The official final results of the races will be announced after the protests and point deductions.




according to the rules of the Hungarian Nascar Racers